Public Advisory Group

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Public Advisory Group (PAG). Members of the group were recruited at the end of 2020, initially to work with us on the development of our new Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Strategy.  
A hand places a toy-sized building block with symbol on top of others in a pyramid shape

This has given them the opportunity to gain a working insight into the way our Health Protection Research Unit (HPRU) is structured, its themes and its vision. We hope that this overview will be useful to them as they move forward in their role within the PAG.

Who are the group?

There are currently 11 members of the group, all from different walks of life and with a variety of backgrounds, work history, interests and PPI experience.  

They each bring unique insight but also share a common commitment and enthusiasm for the development of research and the place of PPI within that process.

What is the purpose of the PAG?

The purpose of the PAG is to engage with our researchers about all aspects of their work, and to collaborate, contribute and act as critical friend. This includes:

  • helping to develop and prioritise research ideas;
  • acting as co-applicants on funding applications; and 
  • overseeing and contributing to each stage of the research cycle.  

The PAG will meet quarterly in a PPI café format. Researchers will be invited to present research requiring PPI input.   

The PAG will also be available on an ‘as needed’ basis and not all members of the group will be involved in every project. These occasional activities will be facilitated by the HPRU’s PPI team, led by Andy Gibson.

The PPI team will oversee the operation of the PAG, working with its members to ensure that they are supported and receive training or guidance as needed, so that they can confidently carry out their role.

If you are interested in becoming a PAG member, please contact admin-hprubse@bristol.ac.uk